Our mission is to empower the people of God with the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the Word of God.
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Bishop Jerome L. Williams

Bishop Jerome L. Williams willingly proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an unparalleled sense of drive and passion. His innovative spirit and vision influence positive change in people's lives and lifestyles through pure, unadulterated, biblical teaching and soul-stirring preaching.


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Elder Shajuan E. Williams

Elder Shajuan E. Williams is the wife of Bishop Jerome L. Williams & Co-Founder of Changing Hearts International Fellowship and Executive Pastor of New Testament Church. She is a woman of excellence, a committed wife, and loving mother. She walks gracefully in the purpose of God for her life and she labors in ministry beside her husband, where the heartbeat of the ministry is a passion for souls.




Although our approach is modern, what we believe is tried and true. These are the foundational beliefs we hold on to as a church body.


We believe that the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the inspired Word of God and that men were moved by the Spirit of God to write the very words of Scripture. Therefore, we believe the Bible is without error.

We believe in one personal God who exists eternally in three distinct persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, equal in power, authority and glory.

We believe Jesus Christ to be the virgin born Son of God who lived in flesh, died for the sins of the world, was buried, rose again bodily, and ascended to the Father.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who regenerates and indwells every believer in Jesus, assures us of our salvation, guides us into all truth, glorifies Jesus and convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment. He comforts us, gives us spiritual gifts, and empowers us for service.

We believe that all people were created in the image of God to have fellowship with him but became alienated in that relationship through sinful disobedience. As a result, people are incapable of regaining a right relationship with God through their own efforts.

We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ, shed on the cross, provides the only way for the forgiveness of sin. God freely offers salvation to those who place their faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as sufficient payment for their sin. Salvation cannot be earned, it is a gift from God.

We believe in the universal church, the body of Christ, of which Jesus Christ is the head. The members of the church are those who have trusted by faith in the finished work of Christ. The purpose of the church is to glorify God by loving him, obeying Him and bringing the gospel to the world.

We believe in the personal, visible return of Christ to the earth and the establishing of His Kingdom, in the resurrection of the body, and the final judgment. We believe that our eternal destination of either heaven or hell is determined by our response to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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New Testament Church, affectionately known as "The MENT" had its beginnings on October 6, 1974, worshiping at the Cavalier Manor Elementary School Auditorium in Portsmouth, Virginia during that time the membership continued to grow under the leadership of the late Bishop Charles H. Bowens. Shortly after purchasing land on Rapidan Street, New Testament Baptist Church became non-denominational and changed its name to New Testament Church.  Bishop Bowens went home with the Lord Jesus Christ in the year 2001, and Elder Jerome L. Williams, an original and home grown member, and then minister, became our new pastor.

Currently under Pastor Williams leadership, the mission, vision and membership has grown to over 2,200 members as of January 2013. New Testament Church currently has more than 40 ministries and recently opened a new sanctuary as well as many other grand accomplishments. We are guided by the motto: Changing Hearts by Keeping It Real.

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